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Effluent Treatment Plant

We offer an effective range of Effluent Treatment Plants for recycling of wastewater to reduce water demand. Our Effluent treatment Plants (ETP) provide effective solutions to effluent smell control, clarification, phosphorous and nitrogen removal and more. These industrial plants are assembled using high mark components & latest machines under the observation of our quality controllers. Our effluent treatment plants are as per the norms of State Pollution Control Boards. The waste water is also recycled for its reuse in gardening and cooling. This plant is manufactured at our premises using top quality raw material and latest technology in compliance with the industry set norms. Provided plants are used for their accurate pretreatment process for elimination of minerals and salts from the seawater using reverse osmosis. Depending upon the type of effluent, various processes have been developed for the cost effective treatment of effluent. Protected with alum dosing system, chlorine dosing system, multi grade filters, activated carbon filter, etc; these treatment plants are section of the heavy industries and give efficient performance. We can also custom design effluent treatment plants based on the precise application requirement of the clients. This treatment plant is checked on diverse parameters by quality specialists to ensure its perfect range from our end. This treatment plant is developed from the top grade material and modern techniques, under the observation of our experts.

 Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the most popular techniques for effective home water purification due to its ability to deliver bottled-water levels of safety and taste. Reverse Osmosis is a water purification method in which feed water is processed through membranes. This membrane stop contaminated water, cleaning solutions and Decomposed materials from passing through.  The average RO system is a unit consisting of a sediment/chlorine pre filter, the reverse osmosis membrane, and an activated carbon filter. Reverse osmosis removes salt and most other inorganic material present in the water, and for that cause, RO provides itself to use in places where the drinking water is brine (salty), contains nitrates or other dissolved minerals which are hard to remove by other techniques. The reverse osmosis method found its way to small industries such as bottled and flavored drink manufacturers, maple syrup production, the wine industry, reef aquariums and even water purifying companies. Reverse Osmosis Plant is used to produce water that meets the most demanding specifications that are currently in place. We offer Reverse Osmosis plant, Reverse Osmosis systems and water treatment plant. The plant is designed and developed using modern technology to proceed with most advanced and functionally best product that attracts huge demand from the market.


Mineral Water Treatment Plants


We have an offer of useful mineral water treatment plants which are used to classify several unsafe elements from the contaminated water. Our plants are completely free from germ attacks and bacterial elements. The water treatment equipment includes water tank, Iron Removal Filter, activated carbon filter, micron-fllter,  ro membranes, etc. decrease the resistance of water to make all specifications of the water quality totally meet the state clean drink water standards. Mineral water is water containing minerals or other decomposed materials like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, silica and bicarbonates, which is healthy to drink.  Our water treatment systems are customized and designed to meet the local water situations and current rate requirement. These water plants are the main source of mineral water provide across several regions. These water plants are widely used all over the market and have great performance. Owing to its high performance and less maintenance, the provided plant is highly demanded among our valuable clients. Customers can avail in in different ranges, designs, shapes and patterns as per need. Our professionals design these cleaning systems in whole observance to the international standards.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Our company is most trustworthy and reliable organizations in the field of manufacturing and supplying verified and modern water treatment plants like STP Plant. The Sewage Treatment Plant method is like to the way that a Septic Tank works but mechanical factors provide a process to help break down solids to manufacture a cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent.  Our clarifications include independent review of alternative technologies , troubleshooting , investigations, specialist support and Cost effective and efficient STP in Low cost, we offer the best Sewage Treatment Plant. It is a combination of the physical, chemical and biological processes which results into ultimate treatment for the waste water. The plant is capable of treating domestic, commercial and industrial wastes. It works by removing all the risky materials from the sewage that can be Dangerous to environment and human. We offer Sewage Treatment plant that provides the needs of municipal corporations, residential complexes and housing societies. These plants need minimum maintenance and are known in the market for their energy efficient design, longer functional life and high performance. 

Ultra Filtration Plant

Ultra Filtration is a membrane fractional method used to divide and concentrate macro-molecules and colloids from water. Ultra filtration system can be used both in pretreatment and post treatment method. Once considered a viable technology just for desalination, membrane methods are increasingly employed for removal of bacteria and other microorganisms, particulate material, and natural organic material, which can pass on color, tastes, and odors to the water and react with disinfectants to form disinfection by products. UF membranes are composed of a polymer, such as polysulfone or polyamide that is generally extruded into flat sheets or hollow fibers or cut into disks as required by the specific application. These Ultra filtration Control Systems perform as superior Industrial Filtration System and find application as pretreatment step to the next in step reverse osmosis process. We offer Ultra filtration Plants that are reusable and cleanable with standard chemicals and are designed using higher process technology with the intention of removing micro bacterial counts. The system is mostly demanded in clarification of wastewater, scrubber waste treatment, river water clarification, filter backwash water recovery, food and dairy processing and waste water plants.


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